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A Repair Shop Put WHAT In My Phone?!

We at Screen Geeks pride ourselves on using only the best parts available on the market – but what exactly does that mean?

First, we should explain that there are three main different “levels” of screens and screen quality.


Your “ideal” iPhone screen, and what we order, should consist of:

  • An original Apple LCD carefully pulled from an original Apple iPhone assembly in a clean and controlled refurbishment facility
  • Original quality Apple glass bonded to the original LCD
  • A cold press frame (desired method of bonding frame)

Cold press is the process of bonding the frame over time (15 seconds cooling time, 2-3 hours protecting time) to strongly bond the parts together

Hot melt, the other alternative to bond the frame, is done much quicker and less carefully, with a 10 second cooling time and just a measly 6 second protecting time!

The second level of quality consists of:

  • Original Apple LCD
  • Cheap, copy glass & copy plastic frame
  • Hot melt frame

Remember: hot melt is a much less careful process and is similar to using hot glue. On a hot melt frame, heat and pressure from regular use of the iPhone can cause failure, especially on the iPhone 6 due to the frame having a smaller surface area than its predecessors. 


The third level, and the absolute worst and cheapest parts on the market consist of:

  • Counterfeit LCD produced in a factory in China called “Tianma”
  • Copy glass that is not textured properly, resulting in frame not properly adhering
  • Hot melt frame

The texture on the back of the copy glass is actually very important. In these poorly assembled screens, the frame will not properly adhere to the screen, which will cause lifting issues later. This screen also breaks very easily, and may even break in a different manner than an original quality screen – chipping off, instead of shattering/cracking.

These counterfeit screens also are much more likely to completely black out when dropped, making your screen unusable. They’re also much more likely to lose touch when breaking.

If you look at the chart below, you can see the difference between “Prime” parts, which is what we order, and other quality screens offered. The better the part, the more expensive the part, unfortunately – but, we’re able to offer an excellent warranty because of our excellent parts. We care about making sure only the best is on your device.


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