Water damage can cause problems with the internal circuitry of your phone or other devices that can leave it unusable and damaged. If you have accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet or your kid has spilled water on your device, our expert technicians can troubleshoot your cell phone and perform data recovery and possibly even restore the device to fully working condition.11333733_634037020064018_768255013_n

We know that the knee-jerk reaction is to grab a bag of rice and drop the phone in it, but it doesn't help. The absorption power of rice is far too weak to draw moisture from inside a sealed device, and any drying that occurs is a byproduct of time rather than the material it is being stored in. Don't bother with the rice, but rather immediately power the device off and bring it into Screen Geeks in Lufkin for water damage diagnostics and repair. 

Water damage can cause some pretty severe issues such as the phone not turning on, camera not working, charge port not working, and various other odd issues. Many of these are fixable, but the longer the phone goes without diagnostics and the more it has been charged and attempted to power on the less likely recovery becomes.

Our diagnostics and recovery process employs a full teardown of the device, followed by a thorough and deep cleaning of the board using our sweeping ultrasonic cleaners and proprietary electronics cleaning solution. Once this cleaning is completed we reassemble the device and begin to test all the functions available to us. A large number of devices power on immediately after this process and suffer no ill effects from the damage. Significant percent12695960_10208682342166140_1760797783_nages of the devices need new batteries, charge ports, or some other advanced micro-soldering repair before we are able to boot them. 

We do approach each job with the objective of data recovery, and regaining full functionality of the device is a secondary goal for our team. We have a very high recovery rate and put our superior skills and training into getting the data on your device back in your hands.